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Wed, Dec. 28th, 2005, 06:33 pm
spiralxxeyes: greetings!

hello everyone! what a cool idea for a community... anyway, here is my story.

so emerson college.... yeah i've been in love with it since the 7th grade. i live in woburn massachusetts which is about 10 miles from boston. my whole family works for the mbta (our transit system here in boston), so my whole life i've tagged along while my family goes to the transportation building. in case you do not know, it is RIGHT NEXT to emerson college. i've been looking up at emerson my whole life. the first thing i see when i come out of the boylston street station is emerson. anyway so at a very young age i knew i wanted to go to emerson. i've spent my whole life building up a resume, i've been in over 90 plays and musicals, a few commercials, worked as a model, and had a lead role in a movie. so i've been trying really hard to better myself as an actor. i also study opera at the new england conservatory of music.

when it came time for me to apply to emerson i did so. i went to my audition and everything. the guy i auditioned for said i did a really good job and that it was perfect... so yeah i thought i had a good shot at getting in. then the rejection letter comes and i completly broke down and it felt like my whole world came to a stop. i cursed all of my training and went into a depression for a few months.

i applied again and ended up getting accepted into the BFA acting program but they said they could not give me any financial aid. i didn't care about that, i just wanted to go there! then i got a letter from dean college saying that they really want me in their theatre program and that they would pay my full tuition if i go there. so i decided to go to dean. its only a two year school but i have given it a try. i really don't like it. i found that the school is way to small and we only put on three, yeah thats right THREE, productions a year.

this year i applied to julliard and i have an audition with them at the end of january.
i am still going to re-apply to emerson just for the hell of it.

but yeah, i wanted to share my story and look forward to talking to all of you!


aim: xpoeticdevicex

Thu, Dec. 29th, 2005 02:22 am (UTC)

hey there. thanks for sharing your story. hope everything works out for you. peace out - your mod

Thu, Dec. 29th, 2005 03:09 am (UTC)

salad fingers! my friend dressed up as him for halloween lol.
yeah i hope things work out too. :\